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Electric Commission



The Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission (MJMEUC) is a municipal joint action energy agency formed under the Joint Municipal Utility Commission Act, Revised Statutes of Missouri, to obtain sufficient, economical electrical power supply, energy management, and transmission services for the benefit of member municipal utilities. MJMEUC provides full power purchase requirements to member utilities and arranges purchases for members in need of supplemental power. Each member is represented on the Board of Directors by city-appointed  director and alternate director with voting privileges. MJMEUC membership includes 70 municipal utilities in Missouri, 1 associate member in Missouri, and 4 advisory members in Arkansas.

MJMEUC may construct, operate and maintain jointly owned generation and transmission facilities for the benefit of members. The Commission has the authority to enter into contracts for power supply, transmission service, and other services necessary for the operation of an electric utility. Within MJMEUC there are two full-requirements power pools. In addition to power supply and transmission service, the MJMEUC provides numerous Power Services and Energy Resources to its members.


MJMEUC Standing Committees: 

Power Pools

  • Missouri Public Energy Pool (MoPEP)
    • 35 member, full-requirements pool with 2017 summer peak of 530.6 MW
    • MoPEP was created to provide long-term supply stability for members and to achieve savings through economies of scale
    • MoPEP and its member cities utilize a diverse mix of supply resources, including individual member-owned generation units dedicated to MoPEP supply along with MJMEUC-owned and contracted resources
    • 24-hour operations and energy management improves reliability and lowers cost through advantageous purchases, surplus sales, and market optimizations
    • Map of Members

  • Mid-Missouri Municipal Power Energy Pool (MMMPEP)
    • 13 member, full-requirements pool with 2016 summer peak of 107.3 MW
    • MMMPEP was created to collectively purchase power at wholesale costs 
    • MJMEUC supplies and schedules power to the MMMPEP members with 24-hour scheduling and management services to improve reliability and further lower costs
    • Map of Members
    • MMMPEP Brochure
  • Southwest Missouri Public Energy Pool (SWMPEP)
    • 2 member, full-requirements pool beginning June 1, 2020 with an estimated 78 MW 
    • SWMPEP was created to collectively purchase power at wholesale costs 
    • MJMEUC will supply and schedule power to the SWMPEP members with 24-hour scheduling and management services to improve reliability and further lower costs
    • Map of Members (Coming Soon)


Owned Generation & Long-Term Contracts

  • Iatan Unit 2
    • 850 MW nominal coal-powered unit in Weston, MO in the SPP Regional Transmission Organization (RTO)
    • MJMEUC owns 11.76% of plant, delivers around: 50 MW Independence Power & Light, 30 MW MoPEP, and 20 MW Columbia Water & Light
  • Plum Point
    • 680 MW nominal coal-fired generating facility just south of Osceola, AR in the MISO RTO
    • MJMEUC owns 22% of plant, delivers around: 60 MW North Little Rock, AR; 20 MW Poplar Bluff, MO; 20 MW Osceola, AR; 20 MW MoPEP; 12 MW Carthage, MO; 4 MW Malden, MO; 5 MW Benton, AR; and 6 MW Piggot, AR
    • MoPEP has an additional 50 MW through Power Purchase Agreement
  • Prairie State
    • 1,628 MW nominal coal, fired, steam-electric generating station in Marissa, IL in the MISO RTO
    • MJMEUC owns 12.33% of plant, delivers around: 86 MW MoPEP; 50 MW Columbia Water & Light; 25 MW Kirkwood, MO; 20 MW Hannibal, MO; 10 MW Fulton, MO; 2 MW Centralia, MO; and 2 MW Kahoka, MO
  • Dogwood
    • 610 MW nominal combined cycle natural gas generating facility in Pleasant Hill, MO, dedicated to MoPEP, which is sold into the SPP RTO
    • MJMEUC owns 8.2% of plant
  • Fredericktown
    • 25 MW simple cycle natural gas generating facility in Fredericktown, MO which is sold into the SPP RTO
    • MJMEUC owns the entire unit which is dedicated to MoPEP. 
  • Laddonia
    • 12 MW combined heat and power generating facility in Laddonia, MO which is sold into the SPP RTO
    • MJMEUC owns the turbine; the heat recovery steam generator is owned by POET Biorefining and offsets their ethanol production energy use. Power production is dedicated to MoPEP.
    • Recipient of EPA's 2009 Energy Star Combined Heat and Power Award

MoPEP Contracted Resources

  • Black Oak - 3.8 MW, Landfill Gas
  • Butler Solar - 3.17 MW, Solar
  • Chillicothe Solar - 3.17 MW, Solar
  • El Dorado Springs Solar - 3.17 MW, Solar
  • Farmington Solar - 3.17 MW, Solar
  • Higginsville Solar, 3.17 MW, Solar
  • Lamar - 5.6 MW, Landfill Gas
  • Lebanon Solar - 3.17 MW, Solar
  • Loess Hills Wind - 5 MW, Wind
  • Macon Solar - 3.17 MW, Solar
  • Marshall Solar - 3.17 MW, Solar
  • Marshall County Kansas - 20 MW, Wind
  • Nebraska City 56 MW - 8.3% of plant, Coal
  • Plum Point - 50 MW, Coal
  • Rolla Solar - 3.17 MW, Solar
  • SWPA - 24 MW, Hydro
  • Trenton Solar - 3.17 MW, Solar
  • Waynesville Solar - 3.17 MW, Solar

Member-Owned Resources

  • Macon CHP - 9.5 MW, Combined Heat & Power
  • Local Peaking Units - 275 MW

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